Shocking new research reveals: Investment warning for all Americans

The Case Against AMERICA, INC.

Buy… Sell… or Hold?

While most investors are sitting on the sidelines, those who know what’s ahead could secure a legacy of wealth

Dear Reader,

America, Inc. is the largest publicly traded company in the world. You’re a shareholder, I’m a shareholder, and so is every other dollar holding American. In fact, every time we buy, spend or save a dollar we are trading shares.

But is America, Inc. a good investment? Consider this…
  • America hasn’t passed a budget since April of 2009…almost 4 1/2 years 
  • Its annual income is $2 trillion while its total debt obligations are $121 trillion (That’s a debt ratio of 60/1…typically anything over 1/1 is a HUGE red flag to any investor that a company may not be able to pay its debts in 12 months’ time.)
  • Since 1900, its expenses have increased by an average 24% a year while revenues only went up 15% a year
  • It has lost money 42 out of the last 47 years
  • The U.S.'s expenses are 56% higher than its revenue
  • America expects to double its debt within the next 10 years (the interest on that debt alone will equal $1 trillion a year)…

Current Total U.S. Debt Obligation: $121 Trillion

America, Inc.'s real trouble is that the executives running the company in Washington D.C., just can't control their addiction to debt--and debt has ruined more companies than anything else. Just take a look at General Motors, Pan American Airways, and most recently Twinkie-maker Hostess Brands.

Fifteen years ago the U.S. ran a -7% deficit, last year our deficit ballooned to -56%. This outlandish kind of spending increases are not sustainable, but far too many inside Washington believe, deficits don't matter.

But real world economics has revealed massive deficits like this have dire consequences. Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff has shown throughout history that economies struggle to grow once debt to GDP reaches 90%...the U.S. now has a debt ratio of 101.5%!

Like it or not, America, Inc. is a business, and what's clear is most Americans don't realize that their entire financial well-being is based on the health of the U.S. dollar and the insane decisions made by the bureaucrats in Washington...

After all, most Americans get paid in dollars, hold retirement savings in dollars, have investments in U.S. companies and own homes in the United States...which means the majority of Americans have all their eggs in one basket.

It's no different than working for Enron, and having your entire 401(k) plan in Enron and then investing all your personal savings in Enron stock as well.

Who in their right mind would base their entire financial well-being on one single company?

Well, that's exactly what every American does when choosing to keep all their wealth invested in America, Inc.

Like any savvy investor, you have to ask yourself: Is it time to diversify? Is it time to sell some of your exposure to America Inc. and put that wealth to work outside the U.S. dollar?

If you understand the obvious risks inherent in owning a company overburdened by debt, out-of-control budgets, and incompetent executives that's an easy answer. It's why we're putting...

Americas top financial minds to work for you

In response to the dire straits America, Inc. is in, we've called a special meeting. On April 5th -7th we're hosting a 3 day private get-together in San Diego, California. At this year's Global Currency Expo, 13 economic and financial luminaries that will divulge their insights as to whether America, Inc. is a buy, sell, or hold.

The mission of this meeting is clear: to make sure you get through the coming 12 months far richer than you are now.

Over the course of 3 days, you'll have the pleasure of meeting and networking with other like minded wealth seekers and discover a plan to profit no matter what happens to America, Inc.

This handpicked line-up of the world’s most contrarian thinkers includes...
Jeff Opdyke, "We are in the worst fiscal situation we have ever been in as a country, and there are clearly no signs of that improving. The dollar is in a long-term decline simply because of the politics of debt that rules Washington, DC. The Fed has given us a very clear path to amassing massive’s abundantly clear we just have to follow their lead”

Jeff is The Sovereign Society’s Investment Director. A former Wall Street Journal reporter who has been actively investing in over 50 different markets overseas through local foreign stock exchanges since 1995. Jeff specializes in finding undervalued and overlooked stocks that rise as the U.S. dollar falls. This April, Jeff will reveal his contrarian strategies and unique investments that skyrocket in value as the U.S. dollar continues to drop, including:
  • An overlooked hard asset commodity that’s set to soar as the U.S. dollar continues to implode (hint: it’s not gold).
  • A certain type of stocks that’ll allow you to profit huge as oil prices continue to rise.
  • A hard asset every American should own when the dollar collapses
  • How to immediately start collecting “overseas pension checks” even if you’ve never lived, worked or even stepped foot outside of America
Harry S. Dent, Jr., “Much of the Main Street media and many Wall Street’s pundits want investors to believe the worst is over,” states Dent. “But that’s not what my research says. What it is saying is there is a ‘perfect storm’ of economic and demographic realities brewing that will likely make the next decade one of the most trying times in U.S. economic history.”

Harry is the founder and CEO of HS Dent, bestselling financial author, editor of Boom and Bust and developer of the Dent Method. Harry predicted Japan's lost decade... The Recession of 1990-92... The Biggest Bull Market Run in U.S. History... and Most Recently, the 2008 Credit Crisis and Stock Market Crash...He is now predicting: the Dow will drop to 3300!

Here is some of what Harry will reveal:
  • The European nation with largest real estate crisis that's set to trigger the next global financial crisis.
  • The best investment to short U.S. stocks with, but only after this event happens first
  • When the next real estate crisis will hit and why everything from stocks to gold will crash in this coming fall
  • Discover the ultimate safe haven and hedge against another financial meltdown, this unique investment tracks the U.S. dollar index.
  • The only 5 states investors should consider buying real estate in the U.S. before the coming crash.
James Dale Davidson,“I have tapped into my contacts and my sources from across the global geopolitical plains, and gathered inside intelligence from some of the biggest money-movers-and-shakers in the business, and I have uncovered a pivotal development, which I believe will set off the most violent economic reversal we've ever known...”

James Dale Davison is the editor of Strategic Investment, bestselling author and the man who predicted every major trend of the last several years including the fall of the Berlin Wall and the death of Communism has been drawn from retirement to reveal “the largest 30 year bubble in history” and the terrifying implications it has for retirees.

Plus he’ll reveal why he believes “...more money will be lost (and made) in the 18 months following this event than ever before.”
Frank Trotter,The reality is that most advisors just haven't kept up with the shifts in the global market. We knew there was a better way."

Frank is a founding partner of EverBank (NYSE:EVER). Perhaps the only bank in the United States that’s actively helped thousands of Americans safely escape the dollar. Frank has served as an Executive Vice President of EverBank Financial Corp since 2009 and as an Executive Vice President since 2002.

With a financial career spanning over 30 years, Frank has dedicated his life's work to delivering better investment opportunities to clients.   
Sean “Professor FX” Hyman,“The tide is turning...A lot of people don’t realize the dollar has been on a tear for the last year and a half and that’s coming to an end... there are some HUGE (and more importantly safe) profit possibilities for those looking outside the American markets.”

Sean is the editor of Currency Cross Trader and Commodity Trend Alert with over 20 years’ experience as a stockbroker, manager, and trader - Sean sees fantastic opportunities right now in certain markets . He’ll give full details on the top currency strategy he uses to pick consistent winners. The same one that has shown his readers 295% gains since November (using 50:1 leverage). In San Diego, he’ll reveal shortcuts to mastering the currency markets and unveil safe unusual ways to make a killing in the world’s fastest growing markets...

He’s discovered an unusual way to combine the safety and security of the American markets with the growth potential of overlooked smaller foreign companies.

This April he’ll show you:
  • Why you should be terrified of American stocks...and which markets present the greatest opportunities
  • How to earn an average of 5-15% on one of the last free markets in the world...starting with as little as $500
  • The only 2 safe and guaranteed ways to beat inflation
  • How to find incredibly undervalued foreign companies that pay twice the dividend of Dow stocks that trade right here in the U.S.A.
Bud Conrad,  “It is never a good time to cut spending or raise taxes. Politicians have zero incentive to put long-term prosperity ahead of short-term payoffs, and there is little urgency to fix the debt problems. So we will continue on our current path until the dollar is destroyed. Though the path to dollar destruction is clear, the timing is not...”

Bud is the chief economist of Casey Research and bestselling author with over 25 years of futures investing. This April, Bud will reveal his best strategies to profit from America’s dire economic straits.

The way Bud sees it, America’s heading into a recession in 2013, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hugely profitable sectors out there. He’s planning to reveal...
  • The single most important investment every American should have when the U.S. dollar  collapses
  • The most dangerous asset class around...this so-called “safe investment” is literally the riskiest thing you can do with your money!
  • The next highly profitable sector coming out of Silicon won’t want to miss this
  • A fantastic opportunity to short this market...this investment class has been on a 30 year run and is ripe for a huge fall!
Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, “...emerging markets are flashing a major buy signal...Unlike U.S. stocks or gold, emerging-market stocks haven't run up that much. They are still a great value. And...right now, emerging-market stocks are cheap, hated, and finally in an uptrend - the exact criteria I look for in an investment. The last time we had indicators like this we had a 1000% gain!...And today's setup is better than it was back then.”

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud is one of the most widely followed and celebrated financial analysts in the world, specializing in safe, unique investments that have been overlooked by Wall Street. Dr. Sjuggerud will reveal why his “Seven-Market Trader” shows now is the right time to be in certain emerging markets.
Keith Fitz-Gerald is a bestselling author, expert financial media contributor and futurist. In his capacity as Chief Investment Strategist for Money Map Press and Chairman of the Fitz-Gerald Group, Keith is dedicated to scientifically identifying economic and financial trends that remain invisible to most investors.
Thomas Fischer has 37 years experience in the financial sector. Thomas traded currencies both as a trader and a broker for more than 22 years in Copenhagen, London, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.

Thomas spent 10 years in Germany and was a Managing Director and the head of the international currency section of a major German broker company. During his time in Germany he successfully completed an MBA focusing on the external environment and corporate finance.

In 2000 he joined Jyske Bank Private Banking and was promoted to Manager of International Client Relations in 2001. In 2008 he joined the newly established Investment Adviser Company JGAM, as a Senior Vice President. He is a member of JGAM´s Investment Committee and is responsible for JGAM’s Relationship Management team.
And that’s just for starters… you’ll also hear from:

Chuck Butler – President of EverBank World Markets

Rodney Johnson – Editor of Boom & Bust Newsletter

Evaldo Albuquerque- Editor of Pure Income

Frankly, there’s nowhere else in the world where you can get this caliber of experience in one room. And get the straightforward, unvarnished truth about how to find extraordinary opportunities while America, Inc. continues the attack on your dollars.

Bottom Line: Every presenter was personally hand-picked by me to speak because of their unique ability to help get you out of the plummeting dollar, build a fortress around your wealth and make you a fortune in the coming year…

Here’s what a few of the past attendees at Global Currency Expo had to say about the information they gained at this special event:

“The best business Expo I have been to.”- Brian Gastineau

“Global Currency Expo exceeded my expectations in every way. Thank you for the extraordinary event!” - Dave Pelchin

“Excellent speakers, well organized, one of the best conferences I've been to in a long time.”- Wanda Pasquale

“Excellent meeting. Well organized, best speakers, very good support staff, very good accommodations. Many thanks for the excellent work.” - Mitch Stockton

“So much information - constant and presented from many different angles - a real positive education.”- Terry Kite

“Over the top fabulous! Thank you for offering this conference.”- Jean Wilson

“The Expo has been an "eye-opener"… thank you for putting on this program.”- Kim Winters

You might remember the Global Currency Expo was initially planned for September, but we intentionally changed it. With the uncertainty of the election year, the Fed’s new economic policy, and the government’s “fiscal cliff” we knew many of our readers were sitting on the sidelines waiting for the dust to settle.

But now the time is right… America is at a pivotal economic cross-roads, while the vast majority of Americans are “waiting to see what happens” our team of experts has developed a whole host of devastatingly effective techniques specifically designed for this economy. These strategies will show you how to insulate your wealth and profit regardless if the economy goes up, down, or even sideways.

There isn’t much time left…

The regular price of the Global Currency Expo: America, Inc. Revealed is $895. Considering the quality and quantity of speakers this price is very reasonable.

But if you reserve your spot right now, we’re offering you a $200 special discount ...bringing down the total cost of the weekend to only $695.

The next few months are critical to your financial future. And that’s why I’ve have taken the liberty to reserve you a seat to the upcoming “America, Inc. Financial Summit”...

To confirm your reservation and take advantage of this special pricing click here now.

The moment you accept our invitation, we’ll add you to our list so our team can personally welcome you to stunning San Diego, California at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel.

As a bonus, you’ll also get a confirmation email that will show you how to knock 45% off your hotel room at the Hilton Bayfront.

I look forward to meeting you in person this spring. I sincerely hope you join us. But I must hear from you soon.

In Wealth & Prosperity,

Erika Nolan
Publisher, The Sovereign Society
January 2013

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