“Better Than the Stock Market...”

“4 Times the Profit...”

“Beyond My Expectations!”

– Billionaire Bill Gross,
Janus Capital Group

Dear Reader,

One small group of investors is not only sleeping easy in today’s volatile markets, they’re grabbing huge profits as high as 232%, 252% and even 487%...

And they are doing it without buying stocks, bonds, options, gold or real estate.

Taking a page out of the billionaire’s playbook, these investors are making money in an exploding, off-the-grid market that most people never think about.

An underground asset exchange where the ultra wealthy shield their cash from market chaos and government overreach, while having a ton of fun making money.

The list goes on and on.

In fact, history is filled with the rich and famous who’ve used the underground asset exchange to grow and protect their wealth.

But the best part of this overlooked market is that you don’t have to be a billionaire or a celebrity to get in on this game.

In fact, you can start building your own financial war chest in this underground asset exchange with as little as a few hundred dollars.

Money you can position for big profits while also protecting it from market chaos.

Take, for instance, the financial carnage from the last crash in 2008.

In this chart, you can see the average return from all markets in the underground asset exchange plowed through the carnage unscathed, racking up a 206% total return over a 10-year period.

During that same time, the S&P 500 could barely muster a 74% return.

And that 74% gain came at a massive price as millions of investors were crushed when the market collapsed by 57% in 2008.

Which is one reason why this underground asset exchange is so powerful.

Had your money been in these off-the-grid investments during the last 10 years, you wouldn’t have lost a dime, much less a wink of sleep.

In fact, as the stock market was crashing, this underground asset exchange was handing out huge profits of...

Officials on the trading floors were stunned as one investor with a tiny $500 investment walked away with a $322,000 profit.

Another official shared how an investor thought he was going to lose money because of the economy, and instead made more than double what he invested.

And these weren’t the only ones to walk away with big money from the underground asset exchange. Trading officials said these were not an “isolated incident,” and that these paydays were “happening all over the place.”

And I’m living proof.

The first underground asset investment I ever made turned a paltry $100 into more than $15,000!

And while these are extreme examples, the fact remains...

This underground asset exchange has doled out safe ... triple-digit gains as high as 232%, 252% and even 487% for more than a decade ... in all market conditions.

That’s nearly seven times the total return of the stock market during the same time frame. Enough to turn every $1,000 invested into $4,870 without worry.

In just a moment, I will show you exactly how this hidden asset exchange works.

And more importantly, how you can start grabbing these gains for your own account while protecting your wealth from massive corrections, recessions and even market collapses.

But first, let’s take a quick look at why the ultra wealthy have been flocking to these investments for decades.

Billionaire Bond King’s
“favorite investment”
Has Nothing to Do With Bonds

Take for instance billionaire Bill Gross.

With $2.2 billion to his name, the Janus Capital Group portfolio manager is one of the most successful investors of all time.

In fact, during his tenure at PIMCO – the asset management firm he founded in 1971 – Gross managed more than $2.2 trillion in investor assets, leading some to dub him the “billionaire bond king.”

Yet when Gross starts to talk about his favorite investments, people are shocked it has nothing to do with bonds.

Fact is, he’s been known to light up the moment he starts talking about the nearly $100 million he’s personally invested in the underground asset exchange.

Observers quoted him during one trading session, saying his investment had performed “beyond [his] expectations” and that it is “better than the stock market.”

In fact, he quadrupled his money on a single trade, without the headache of falling markets or taking any high-risk gambles.

And as I mentioned, Bill Gross is only one of many Wall Street billionaires funneling their money into this underground asset exchange.

Not only for big gains and protection from wild market swings...

But also from a growing threat of government intrusion that is about to get worse than most thought possible.

Let me explain.

The Confiscation-Proof Portfolio

No matter the size of your investment portfolio or retirement nest egg, there is a looming threat that impacts every U.S. household.

Right now, our national debt just passed the $19 trillion mark with no end in sight.

Take a look at this chart.

Here you can see America’s debt has doubled about every eight years as Congress continues to print money for entitlements, bank bailouts and whatever else they need to keep themselves in office.

At this rate, the U.S. national debt will be $31 trillion by 2023 and a mind-blowing $62 trillion just eight years after that.

And this figure does not include our unfunded liabilities. If you include those, we are over $100 trillion in debt.

The bottom line is that America is dead broke. And when Washington’s credit card is cut off, we’re going to have to pay the piper.

And where do you think they’re going to get the money to do it?

From you and me ... the U.S. taxpayers.

And from the research I’ve uncovered, Washington is willing to do whatever it takes to get their hands on your money, even implementing...

The “Wealth Confiscation Tax”

You see, the U.S.-led International Monetary Fund, or IMF, released a report that said high-debt nations like the United States, Japan and several EU states should implement a “wealth confiscation tax” to stabilize their financial systems.

The actual report reads:

And that’s just the start.

The IMF also proposes that world governments should work together to track your savings so they could tax it no matter where you put it.

The point here is, as we go further into debt, the financial noose around every American will get tighter and tighter.

And before you think a “wealth confiscation tax” couldn’t happen here: Think again. It already has.

In 1933, FDR did it when he created the Emergency Banking Act, which mandated all citizens to turn over all gold other than jewelry to an approved bank.

The precedent for confiscating assets is already there ... and at $19 trillion in national debt, so is the crisis.

Which is why Washington is looking to get their hands on taxpayer money any way they can.

Take, for instance, the Federal Reserve mandate that banks prepare for “negative interest rates.”

Rates where you get charged by your bank just to keep your money in your account.

So instead of you earning money on your money ... the bank earns it and hands it right over to the Federal Reserve.

As crazy as this sounds, a Bloomberg headline already reported: “The Fed Wants to Test How Banks Would Handle Negative Rates.”

The point here is that Washington has been propping up our economy for decades with unlimited money printing at ridiculously low interest rates.

And as that comes to an end, they need to get their hands on as much money as possible just to pay the interest on the debts we already have.

The only way to do that is through more taxes ... and even wealth confiscation.

And there are other scenarios that could play out in the months ahead, like a government-instituted “bank holiday” that prevent citizens from withdrawing money.

During the holiday, Washington could see how much is in everyone’s checking and savings accounts.

And then mandate banks to turn over 10% before you have the chance to get your money out. The point here is less about how and more about when.

At $19 trillion and growing, Washington has to do something. And coming after your money is the easiest near-term solution.

That’s why having a portion of your wealth in this underground asset exchange is more important than ever.

Even the most aggressive wealth confiscation from Uncle Sam can’t touch these underground assets.

Which is why billionaires like David Geffen, Steven Cohen and Ron Perelman continue to pour billions of dollars of personal wealth into this hidden exchange.

Of course, asset protection isn’t the only draw for investors. If so, you could just as easily stuff your cash in a safe.

These billionaires are in this to make money. And that’s the beauty of the underground asset exchange.

You get unparalleled protection that also gives you phenomenal long-term profit potential.

Take for instance one particular vehicle that’s very popular in the underground asset exchange. In the last 10 years, it’s racked up annual gains of 12.75% while the S&P 500 could earned only 6%.

Had you invested $10,000 in the underground asset exchange, you’d be sitting on a $33,200 account without a single drop in value.

Yet that same $10,000 in the S&P 500 would have only grown to $17,900, while likely giving you a heart attack from the market turmoil.

Safe Double-Digit Returns
Year After Year

Here’s one other example.

This particular vehicle in the underground asset exchange has had average annual gains of 55% over a 10-year span, outperforming common investments likes stocks, real estate and even gold.

Not only did this underground asset surge during the Great Recession, keeping pace with gold, but after gold fell back to earth, this asset kept soaring right through the roof.

Plus, as I said, you don’t have to be some well-heeled billionaire to get these assets to work for you.

And in just a moment, I’ll show you exactly what this underground asset exchange is ... and more importantly, just how easy it is for you to start investing in it.

So this underground asset exchange...

That said...

Why Haven’t You Heard About
This Market Sooner?

Chances are, you have.

Even so ... you may have passed it by, thinking you didn’t have enough money to really invest in it.

Or perhaps you thought it would take too much time and research, and you couldn’t devote that kind of effort.

Or perhaps you worried that your inexperience might lead to a misstep and waste of money.

Well, I’m here to put all these worries to rest as I show you the entire process of investing in this underground asset exchange – from start to finish.

Plus, you’ll see how you can begin investing for as little as a few hundred bucks.

And on top of that, I’m going to send you your very first underground asset to help give you a kick-start – and it won’t cost you a single dime. (Fair warning, I only have a limited supply of these.)

It’s an investment that’s been professionally audited and the authenticity of the asset is verified. So you won’t have to go through any brokers or third-party dealers to get your hands on it.

I’ll just mail it directly to your doorstep – absolutely FREE.


Because once you see how easy and inexpensive it is to get started with your own underground asset portfolio, I know you’ll be hooked.

Just as hooked as I was when I made my first underground asset investment that turned a paltry $100 into more than $15,000!

How My First Underground Asset
Turned a $100 Investment Into $15,000!

My name is Ted Bauman.

And I have a unique personal history that caused me to jump into the underground asset exchange with both feet.

You see, I spent my childhood inside Washington’s political machine. My father, Robert E. Bauman, was a congressman from Maryland’s 1st congressional district.

And growing up, I had the opportunity to walk the halls of power and meet the likes of Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

Not to mention countless power brokers and political elites who circled in and out of my father’s office.

But of all the connections and opportunities my father had in Washington, it was one simple letter from Richard Nixon that changed everything.

You see, I’d heard about this underground asset exchange as a child. But it wasn’t until my father turned Nixon’s gift into a five-figure sum that I understood the power of this exchange.

Not weighing more than an ounce, and only costing about 8 cents, my father had turned this single underground asset into a tidy sum.

And the value of this market was cemented in my mind when I made my first foray into the underground asset exchange.

I invested in it during my twenties, when I had caught wanderlust and ended up living in South Africa.

I used it when I consulted with the World Bank and United Nations as a socioeconomic adviser.

And I even carried these off-the-grid investments with me as I traveled to over 75 countries studying how nations work ... how they break down ... and how individuals can live financially free regardless of government and financial turmoil.

And today, I’m the author of The Bauman Letter, where I help thousands of individuals protect themselves and profit using asset protection strategies and investment tactics that most people miss.

Personally, I’ve been protecting my wealth for decades by using strategies that shield my money from Wall Street and the government’s prying eyes.

But of all the strategies I use to grow and protect my wealth, the underground asset exchange is by far the most fun.

You see, it was back in South Africa where I spent $100 on my first underground asset ... a passionate purchase that is now valued at $15,000.

And I am not alone in having a passion for certain underground assets.

In fact, The Financial Times has reported extensively on what they call “passion investments” for the billionaire jet set.

Billionaire hedge-fund manager Steven Cohen’s passion for underground assets even surpasses his love of business.

So much so, he actually bought a “stake” in the exchange itself.

The bottom line is that once you get a taste for how easy and fun this underground asset exchange can be, the fact it continues to quietly grow your wealth while protecting it from wild market swings is just icing on the cake.

At this point, you’re probably wondering...

What Is the Underground Asset Exchange?

In a single word: collectibles. And I’m not talking about Beanie Babies, “Royal Birth” commemorative plates or worthless knickknacks marketed on QVC with the word “collectible” in their title.

And even without an official trading floor like the New York Stock Exchange, make no mistake – collectibles make up a huge global market that is expected to reach $621 billion by 2017 (according to a recent study by Deloitte).

A massive market that includes art, rare coins, baseball cards, stamps, fine wines, guitars, whiskies, classic cars and other passionate investments that the wealthy use to grow and protect their wealth.

Rare and valuable assets that can build wealth for many years to come. Assets like the 1980 Gibson ES-355 I bought for $100 when I was in South Africa.

One collector recently offered to take it off my hands for $15,000. But for now, I’m not selling. And this uncommon asset will continue to climb in value.

And how about that letter my father received from Richard Nixon? What cost Nixon 8 cents to mail was sold at auction to a collector for five-figure sum.

The bottom line is that once I saw the value of using collectible items to grow and protect my wealth, I started combing through my contacts from 75 different countries looking for more and more opportunities in this exploding market.

Now, after years of tracking down the best advisers and collectors from around the globe, all I have to do is open my list of contacts and make a quick call to someone to strike a deal.

For example, in my rolodex is the investment portfolio manager at Stanley Gibbons. They are the world’s oldest and most respected rare coins and stamps dealer.

In just a moment, I am going to give you access to my golden rolodex of contacts, so you can take advantage of these underground opportunities.

Opportunities you can use to build massive wealth no matter how bad the markets get.

A Recession-Proof Investment

Take for instance the payday one investor had when he grabbed $517,000 for a single Babe Ruth rookie card.

Notice the opening line of the news story touts a struggling economy – yet the guy just banked over a half million dollars in one trade.

Just a few months later, one man grabbed a $322,000 payday selling a rare 500 dollar Canadian bill, while the Dow plunged 231 points and headlines screamed of a recession.

The point here is that regardless of how bad the economy and financial markets may seem, collectors and traders are still out in full force snatching up opportunities left and right.

And while these seem like extreme examples ... a $500 bill selling $322,000 ... fact is, a pricing guide published at the height of the market turmoil in 2008 still showed a humble penny selling for as much as $750.

1909 S V.D.B.
Wheat Penny

Think about it ... a single penny valued at $750? And all during one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression?

And as you take a wider view of the collectibles market, you start seeing that there are opportunities to grab big profits everywhere.

As long as you know where to look.

Take for instance the Stanley Gibbons index that showed the value of investment-grade stamps rising 38.6% during the 2008 financial crisis.

And Mark Craddock, manager of Comic Book World, in Florence, Kentucky, said the Silver-Age Comic Book Pricing Index of 32 frequently traded '60s comics was up 14.2%, while the S&P 500 was down 11% in the same period.

The point here is while the financial world can be going to hell in a handbasket, collectibles keep climbing.

That’s because collectors are the “strong hands” in the market.

They buy on passion. They WANT that item for their collection and they’re willing to pay for it.

Plus, they know full well they can sell it later at a profit since another collector will be looking to grab that special piece to complete their own portfolio.

The bottom line is that collectibles hold their market value no matter how bad things get.

And with more financial turmoil on the horizon, the collectibles market continues to explode.

The Explosive Growth Continues

Stanley Gibbons, the world’s leading stamp dealership, continues to report increasing sales of 25% year after year.

EBay has seen an 30% increase in auctions for rare stamps at the same time.

One Stanley Gibbons spokesman recently said he’s not surprised: “We’ve hardly been affected by market downturns, because it’s a hobby that’s driven by passion. If a stamp you’re looking for becomes available, you’re going to buy it whether there’s a recession or not.”

And, in just a moment, I will give you access to all of my resources, contacts and experts who’ve helped me establish my own collectibles “portfolio.”

You see, stamps aren’t the only market segment of the underground asset exchange that continues to defy gravity.

Just take a look at the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index. For more than 10 years, collectibles have been soaring. Wine is up 195% ... art 221% ... coins 234% ... and classic cars have crushed it with 487% growth.

And collectibles like sports cards have continued to dole out the profits as well.

Just a few years ago a Honus Wagner tobacco card from around 1910 sold for $2.8 million.

And while that’s an exceptional trade, many others are selling for tens of thousands of dollars.

A Mickey Mantle rookie card, for example, skyrocketed in value from $950 in the mid-1980s to more than $34,000 when it sold in November 2013 – a massive 3,479% return on investment.

Another area that many investors use to grow and protect their wealth is in rare coins – a stable and consistent market that’s generated 12.4% returns per year over the past decade.

And one segment most investors miss is the 23% annual growth rate in comic books. In fact, one of my colleagues here at Sovereign Society owns over 1,000 comics.

And recent reports from MarketWatch show he’s on to a profit machine when they said: “Comic books are about the best investment out there.”

Just in the past few years, the market for comics has seen:

And while safely banking big profits and protecting your wealth at the same time are reasons enough to invest in the underground asset exchange, you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that...

Investing in Collectibles
Is Incredibly Satisfying

When you think about managing a portfolio of stocks and bonds, it can be a fairly dry task.

But collectibles are an investment you get to show off whenever you like.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t show of my stock portfolio to friends and family at Thanksgiving dinner. But when it comes to collectibles, it’s amazing to see the reactions when they hear the stories behind some of the valuable pieces I hold.

And regardless of your interests, you can always find fun and exciting ways to invest in collectibles that have nothing to do with stamps or coins.

For example, you could invest in:

In fact...

It’s Never Been Easier to Be a Collector

With as little as a few hundred dollars, you could start building a sports-card collection. Or do the same with rare coins for as little as a couple thousand dollars.

But no matter how easy or inexpensive it is to get started, most first-time investors ask the same question...

How Do You Know What’s Worth Investing In?

And it’s because they all have the same fear.

The fear of putting a bunch of money into a collection that turns out to be worthless.

Which is why you’ll want to pay close attention to what I’m going to share with you.

The key to ensuring the value of any collection is to make sure you cover all the bases before you buy.

This includes:

And while this may sound overly complex and loaded with risk, it’s not – here’s why.

Billionaire Bill Gross made it clear that he puts just as much analysis into investing in collectibles as he does for any bond or fixed-income instrument.

And here’s the key ... he doesn’t do it alone.

Now you may not be able to afford the same advisory team Bill Gross has spending their days valuing his collectibles and ensuring he makes the right moves.

But I am going to make the entire collecting process so simple and foolproof there would be no reason to hold off growing and protecting your wealth with collectibles today.

In fact, I will show you how you never have to guess the value of a collectible opportunity, or ever search for the place to buy and sell.

In fact, all you have to do is open an email. And with one click, I’ll do all the rest of the work for you.

Introducing Uncommon Fortunes

In order to find highly valuable collectibles that can generate great profits, you need to know certain people.

You need to have a certain amount of expertise and information that isn’t readily available to average folks.

And with my new publication Uncommon Fortunes, you’ll be armed with the most relevant and actionable information you’ll need to build a small fortune in the collectibles market.

Every quarter, I’ll send you brand-new research from my team of experts that guides you through the latest trends and developments in the collectibles market.

Inside this research, you’ll find pinpointed recommendations on collectibles that we feel are excellent buys right now ... as well as A-to-Z instructions on who to go through and how to execute the actual purchase from my personal contacts.

For example, I recently sent out a special report written by one of my insiders on how rare English coins have seen explosive growth:

As you can see in this chart , rare coins have been on a tear and show no signs of stopping.

But in order to capitalize on this surging market, you need to understand the subtle difference between the European market and the U.S. market for coins which is detailed in this special report.

And this is only the beginning of what you’ll have access to when you accept your exclusive invitation to join my team and me with Uncommon Fortunes.

You will also get...

Complete Access to My Golden Rolodex of Proven Experts – for FREE

You see, when I put together Uncommon Fortunes, I reached out to every name on my contact list.

Every dealer. Every expert. Every connection I’ve been maintaining for years in this industry.

They’ve agreed to make themselves available to you.

And as part of your exclusive membership to Uncommon Fortunes, you’ll get complete access to them.

At the end of each report, I reveal the name, website, email address, street address and telephone number of my personal contact in that particular market, along with a step-by-step guide to working with them.

In some cases, I’ll list multiple reputable dealers that you can contact to help build, price and sell your collection.

This is the kind of in-depth research and close guidance you’ll find every time a new Uncommon Fortunes report is released.

Here are actual snapshots of direct contact information you’ll find in my research reports:

Not only will these contacts give you everything you need to identify the right collectibles to buy for your collection, they will also unlock the most profitable places to sell your collections when you need to.

They’ll show you where to lock in the best deals when starting a collection. And they’ll give you a professional assessment of your collectibles so that you know exactly what they are worth.

I won’t just point you in their direction; rather, I’ll hand over their names and their full contact information.

You won’t have to search for them, or determine their expertise. I do all the heavy lifting, and all you have to do is follow the steps and research I lay out for you.

Plus, Uncommon Fortunes makes the entire collecting process simple from start-to-finish as I give you step-by-step instructions on what to do in each market.

Along with these quarterly reports, you’ll receive any alerts on any important updates within the industry. You’ll never miss an important development because you’ll know in advance if there is anything you should consider taking action on.

Uncommon Fortunes has never been offered before. It’s your comprehensive, ongoing companion as you venture into the world of collectors.

How much does this exclusive membership cost? I’ll talk about that in a moment, but before I do, I want to introduce a special bonus you’ll receive today.

When you sign up for your membership in Uncommon Fortunes today, you’ll get kick-started with a pack of research reports that will introduce you to the most profitable areas of the collectibles market...

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The second you join me in Uncommon Fortunes, you’ll be given immediate access to these 10 bonus reports:

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Kickstart your collection with an exclusive commemorative stamp
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Let me explain.

May 2015 marked the 175th anniversary of the Penny Black and Two Penny Blue stamps.

The Penny Black was the first - and oldest - stamp ever produced. Printed in May 1840, a single stamp in near-mint condition sells for around $20,000, according to my contacts at Stanley Gibbons.

If it’s in mint condition, the value shoots up 25-50% more!

Its sister stamp, the Two Penny Blue, is ten times rarer than the Penny Black, and was issued at the same time. Single stamps can reach values as high as $50,000 per stamp.

As part of this 175th anniversary, Royal Mail issued two stamps to commemorate the occasion. Both new stamps mirror the design of the originals, with a few updates in the design to reflect current times.

At the same time, Stanley Gibbons - the worldwide leader in stamp dealers - celebrated the 175th anniversary of the birth of founder Edward Stanley Gibbons.

This special envelope bears a block of four Royal Mail stamps - two for each of the commemorative stamp designs. They are cancelled by a special commemorative postmark based on the design of the original cancellations used on the 1840 stamps.

Along with these stamps is a stamp featuring Edward Stanley Gibbons and one of his first monthly magazines published for collectors. It is also cancelled by a special postmark commemorating his birth.

The envelope holding these stamps is illustrated with an enlarged image of a Penny Black, displaying the intricate designs used on the original stamp.

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Ted Bauman
Founder, Uncommon Fortunes

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Lock in your discounted membership – and your collector’s item – before you lose your spot.